Why You Should Move to Brentwood in Los Angeles, California

Why You Should Move to Brentwood in Los Angeles, California

Brentwood One of Los Angeles’ Most Coveted Neighborhoods Brentwood is one of the best neighborhood in the west end of Los Angeles. Top notched celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Naomi Watts know More »

Buying a Luxury Home: What You Need To Know

Buying a Luxury Home: What You Need To Know

Real Estate Tips: Buying a Luxury Home There is no doubt that the real estate market is one that provides a lot of potentials and this is something that is becoming increasingly More »

Should You Lease a Home?

Should You Lease a Home?

Unless you feel like you are ready to jump right into the home ownership market straight out of college or walk away from your parent’s home to a purchased home, renting a More »


Welcome To The Glenkind Hotel

Every day, all of us, try and do our best for our clients, but there are times when they have only come to us after they have had their fingers burned somewhere or tried to sell their homes by themselves and failed.

Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment

There are so many investment options available today.  Because of different choices, many people are confused what will work best for them. The real estate is a great way to invest in. It has proven its capacity to generate a new source of income for many people for over so many years. Though there were times when the real estate was so down, it proves that it can rise up from stagnation over again.  

Here are some reasons why investing in the real estate is a smart decision: 

  1. Cash Flow

When you have your house rented, a portion of the payment for the rent will go to the bills. What is left after paying the bills is your cash flow. Cash flow is one of the best sources of passive income. You can expect that you will have money every month while you are busy attending to your other businesses or traveling abroad. 

  1. Tax Benefits

Your cash flow is not subjected to tax. It is all yours. In addition, the government gives you a decrease in your property tax rate every year because your property is depreciating in value. 

  1. Paying mortgage from the cash flow

If you acquire the property through a mortgage, the rental payment can pay your monthly mortgage dues. Meaning, your tenant is the one paying the mortgage, not you. Every month, your loan is decreasing until it is completely paid in full. It might take years but it doesn’t matter anymore knowing that it will get paid anyway. 

  1. Its value can appreciate, too

There are instances when the value of the property appreciates over time. One concrete example of this is when you purchase a condo on its pre-selling stage.During the time that you acquire it; the price is still low because it is still under construction. But once completed, the value can increase significantly. Supposing you originally bought the condo at $300,000, you can re-sell it at $400,000 giving you a hefty $100,000 gain!  

  1. Control

When you buy a hidden hills CA homes for sale, you have so many ways on how to make use of it. You can have it as a place to raise your own family. By doing that, you save a lot of money from paying rent. It also makes you feel more in control of making decisions for your family such as renovating the part of the house, creating wall-mounted cabinets, painting the walls and ceilings, etc. 




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