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Why You Should Move to Brentwood in Los Angeles, California

Brentwood One of Los Angeles’ Most Coveted Neighborhoods

Brentwood is one of the best neighborhood in the west end of Los Angeles. Top notched celebrities like Steven Spielberg and Naomi Watts know that for sure as they also live here. Brentwood real estates also became home for Clark Cable, King Cole, and Marilyn Monroe. So if you don’t mind rubbing elbows with the rich and the famous, you came at the right place.

Brentwood is not as populated as other big areas. Although there are exclusive mansions and condos, the community as a whole enjoys a great feeling of belongingness and unity. To the South of Wilshire Boulevard, most of the residents are young recent college graduates and yuppies. To the North of Wilshire Boulevard, you will find the multi-million dollar homes that are ideal for families. Families with canine members will surely love it here as there are pet-friendly parks and streets. Homes for sales in Brentwood are constantly in high demand due to their luxurious location, great school system, and more often than not are impeccably designed.

Quality Education

Talking about being home for college students, there are quality private schools here. Brentwood School is very popular that one of its campuses was featured in the movie Chinatown. Public schools also provide quality education to the youngsters in the village. The public schools in Brentwood have constantly received high marks.

Healthy Lifestyle

Brentwood enjoys fresh ocean air and the beaches are just in proximity. Unlike Santa Monica and Venice, however, the beaches that can be easily reached by car are located in the Pacific Palisades and Malibu, which are less crowded. It is more peaceful and perfect for solitary relaxation away from the bustles of city living. For outdoor activities, the place is surrounded by mountains. Nature trekking and camping are increasingly becoming popular here.

Fine Dining & Outings

There are excellent restaurants and shops near the beach and everywhere in the community.  Most of the shops are just close to another so one will enjoy shopping without the need to endure heavy traffic, noise, and a huge crowd.  Most of the shopping centers like Brentwood Village and Brentwood Country Mart are strategically located and easily commutable.

The most important thing to note about Brentwood is its proximity to the nightlife events. There are no lounges or active bars nearby, which allows for a safer space for families, but it is close enough to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills to be a short taxi ride away from the hottest spots in town. The community is safe, friendly and clean just perfect to raise a family.



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